Summer Series

The Summer Series is a local race league run around the Dark Peak. This is not a Public event and you must email me if you have not taken part in the Summer Series before.

Please Read - As there are no Covid restrictions now we can revert back to Monday nights as the main night but people can run whenever they like for the rest of the Series - from Monday to Thursday. Just let me know your time before Friday evening.


Last updated - 8th September - Summer Series Race 20 was StriAndy from the Strines with a route devised by Andy Harmer. And a great route it was too. 17 people have run so far and anyone else can till Thursday night but I won't do results till after 20th September.

Thanks to everyone who took part this year and well done to Pete Davis for flying round everything and winning the series. I brought a few cakes and wished I could have given everyone a cake. Thanks - it really helped me this year and I loved tonight's race and the outside pub banter. x

There will be a Winter Series and I'll sort that when I get back from Italy too. It will be a mixture of road races, trail races and hill reps.


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