Winter Mondays

We meet at outside Bolsterstone Church. Reflective vests and head torches are recommended and the races are self timed. For all races there is a staggered start with slower ones setting off at about 6.30pm chased by the faster ones at about 6.40pm. 

Training sessions start at 6.30 and finishes around 8pm. The training consists of a warmup then hill reps interspersed with sprints. They are planned by Keith and are highly recommended.


The eleventh and last Winter Mondays race was on Monday 5th March and 9 runners ran in warm conditions. There was no James or Mark, but Pez Holda had a storming run to win and not give everyone bonus's!! Lots were resting on this race and Jim Paxman had calculated most of it, even working out the splits he needed to achieve for the race! That's dedication for you!

The Handicap race is in two weeks on Monday 19th March. I pair people up and you both run seperately but opposite ways round the route below until you meet, where you turn round and run back to Bolsterstone.

Then it's Prize presentation and beer in the Castle afterwards (and maybe chips!)



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