2018 / 2019

Dates and Routes

Date Event Route Map
8th Oct Race 1 - Midhopestones From Bolsterstone , New Hall Lane to Midhopestones and back along Mortimer Road and Long Lane. 6.31 miles with 750ft climb

15th Oct Training    
22nd Oct Race 2 - Bar Dyke  From Bolsterstone up to Allas Lane, Moor Lane to Bar Dyke, and a loop round Cowell House. 7.43 miles 1255ft climb

29th Oct Training    
5th Nov Race 3 -   Walker Edge      From Bolsterstone, down to W end of Broomhead Res, up through Canyards, along Walker Edge, back past Snell House, Jack Bridge and Ewden Village. 6.35 miles 1020ft climb

12th Nov Training    
19th Nov Race 4 - More Hall Reservoir Start Bolsterstone, Either loop can be done first. One loop: run halfway down towards Broomhead Reservoir, but L at 265963 through the wood and along More Hall Reservoir to the main road, 2979557. Road back to Bolsterstone. 2nd Loop is round Hollin Busk. 6.38 miles 830ft climb

26th Nov Training    
3rd Dec Race 5 - Wigtwizzle Reverse From Bolsterstone - down Yewtrees Lane, up Moor Lane to Mortimer Rd. Turn right, down and up to Lone Lane, right and right again onto Stone Moor Lane back to Bolsterstone. 6.31 miles 1000ft climb

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10th Dec Training    
17th Dec Race 6 -  Brightholmlee  From Bolsterstone, to Ewden, Bank House, Peat Pits Fm, Brightholmlee, and back through Jack Bridge and Ewden. 6.70miles with 1300ft climb

7th Jan Race 7 - Moor Lane Top

From Bolsterstone , to Broomhead Bridge, up past Canyards, Lee Lane, Moor Lane Top where it joins Mortimer Rd, turn round, and direct back. 5.86 miles 1090ft climb

14th Jan Training    
21st Jan Race 8 - Ewden / Wigtwizzle   Bolsterstone, NW along Stone Moor Lane, Long Lane to the Mortimer Road. Down to Ewden, up and turn L along Moor Lane to Broomhead Reservoir, back up Yewtrees Lane. 6.31 miles, 1000ft climb.

28th Jan Training    
4th Feb Race 9 - Repeat  


11th Feb Training    
18th Feb Race 10 - Repeat



25th Feb Training    
4th March Race 11 - Repeat    


11th March Training    
18th March Last Race -  Pairs Race !! I'll team runners up on the night. All runners set off together but when the pair reach the bridge one goes anticlockwise and one clockwise round the loop - till they meet, exchange the baton, turn round and return the way they came. Both team members have to reach Bolsterstone before they are recorded as Finished. 

Presentation of Cakes in pub afterwards! 

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Winter Mondays