Virtual B-M 2020 -

Series One

Dates and Format

The purpose of this series is keep in touch with the friends we normally see at races and club sessions. To keep some level of motivation for running , which can be hard when all your goals have vanished over night

It's fun racing , not all out racing. Unless you are going out early or somewhere very quiet ( or even in these circumstances) you may need to stop, change to a different path etc. A lot of the more elderly people I see out and about are very worried and stressed..I stopped to talk to a couple who had had been frightened by people running up behind them. They had poor mobility and hearing. They were really pleased I had stopped was seen to be considerate. Think about Stiles, gates what you touch. I think this has been slightly overdone , but I would avoid going directly through farmyards if possible.
Be especially mindful of this wearing your brown vest,

There is some evidence that running hard can have a negative impact on the immune system. You don't have to be the fastest to win races, the series, Nicky will be using all her well known deviousness to spread the prizes as much as possible. Think on, is it really the time to be throwing yourself down steep descents to get a pb or beat a mate? Run within your capabilities on the descents especially. You don't want a Mountain Rescue call out.

Some of us are having a fairly relaxing time so far, working from home, others are doing long hours in demanding key worker jobs, a variety of caring responsibilities, maybe recovering from illness injury. We still want you to take part and enjoy the series. We will endeavor to make what adaptations we can to make this possible, whether that's racing at a different time or just doing a particular rave slightly differently.

Stay safe, stay home and have fun! 

Date Event Route
1st April
Race 1 - Mountain Marathon Start - anytime you like. Route about 4 miles and 1000ft - or as near as you can get. Two classes - Klets Solo or Scafell Pairs. Carrying full Mountain Marathon kit !
4th April
Race 2 - Virtual BM Start - anytime you like. Run your designated 4 mile/1000ft route. Solo class only.
5th April
Race 3 - Score Event  Start - anytime you like.

 Sunday's challenge is to get as much Ascent into your run as possible. You have to Start and Finish from your house. You have one hour and for every minute (or part thereof) that you are late home you lose 50m ascent.

For those people living in the "Flatlands" you can choose to do the Least ascent as possible. But distance will be an important factor here in the case of everyone achieving zero Ascent. For every minute you're late we'll add 50m ascent.

And for both events -- no going on the same ground more than twice ( ie you can retrace your steps but not just run the same few 100m of flat ground or the same hill again and again.

8th April
Race 4 - Extra Dimension race Start - anytime you like. Run your designated 4 miles /1000ft route. The Extra Dimension will be announced about 24 hours before to allow for creation and faffing.
11th April
Race 5 - Virtual BM Start - anytime you like. Run your designated 4 mile/1000ft route. Solo class only.
12th April
Race 6 - Score Event Start - anytime you like. One hour Score, starting and finishing at your house, to collect as many of the below as possible - only items below count for points. If the item is on Private property then get as near to it as you can.
Trig points = 50 points
MP/MS (Mile Posts/Mile Stones) = 50 points
BS/BM (Boundary stone / Boundary marker) = 50 points
FB (footbridge) or Named bridge on the OS map = 10 points
Spot heights (marked a . with a black height next to them) = 10 points
Summits (where the contour line makes a small circle often they have an orange height next to them) = 10 points

For those people with none of the above within two miles of their house then
Bench marks - something that was on the Frozen Head state park map and I had no idea what they were! But I will allow Park benches!! = 10 points
Monday Mile
13th April
Race 7 - 1 mile sprint, age graded!
Start - anytime you like. Run your designated 1 mile (which must have a total negative ascent) route then put your time and age into Age Grading
Post your time / photo of you looking suitably wiped on fb or let me know by email 
15th April
Race 8 - Extra Dimension race Start - anytime you like. The run your designated 4 miles /1000ft route. The Extra Dimension is HomeOlympics. 

Time starts as soon as you begin the HomeOlympics in your Garden/House and stops when you return from your 4 mile run. No pausing of watch for Transitions but you can press "Lap" if you want to record your run time. Extra points will be awarded for the number and creativity of the disciplines below that are completed plus selection of clothing/items carried round on the run. If in a Team you can share the disciplines out or be awarded points as a Team.

Swimming (lots of extra points if water is involved)
Rowing (ditto)
Shot putt/Discus
High Jump
Long Jump

Feel free to do other disciplines but no extra points will be awarded and Minus points will be given if you ask.
18th April
Race 9  - Virtual BM Start - anytime you like. Run your designated 4 mile/1000ft route. Solo class only..
 19th April
Race 10 - Score Event Start - anytime you like from your house. One hour Score to collect as many of the points on the attached list:  Sunday Blue Score.pdf  and return to your house.
If an object is on Private ground then get as near to it as possible on Public ground.
If the item is not marked on an OS map it will not count.
But if an item is shown on the OS map and has been built on/demolished/buried - it will count if you go the spot it is marked as being!
-50 points per minute or part thereof that you are late back.
22nd April
Race 11 - Extra Dimension race Start - anytime you like. Run your designated 4 miles /1000ft route.

It's my Birthday. And an excuse for me to wear those leggings again. You're invited to my party and....

Adults - find something/s that is/are as loud as possible and probably you'll never wear again in public again, as "maybe I'm too old to wear that now?" and run in it. Bring something to drink and eat, a present for me and a cake. All to be photographed afterwards to see how they survive the run!

Juniors - Do you have anything that you're parents don't approve of? Wear that! Otherwise get dressed up and come along to my party too. Bring something to drink and eat, a present for me and a cake.

It's all a bit of fun - so don't stand in a queue at a supermarket as I much prefer secondhand stuff !
That's the end of Virtual B-M Series One !!
We will endeavor to have Series prizes and prize giving at the Wednesday Zoom get together.
Series Two starts on Saturday 25th April !!
Onwards ......